How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Enhance your eCommerce Site


Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, and generally, it makes us think of killer robots, self-righteous sentient computers, and planet-eating alien civilizations. However, artificial intelligence can (also) be a force for good – it doesn’t need to be singularly bent on exterminating the human race. For example, ecommerce sites and apps can use artificial intelligence to improve user experience and even create more profitable processes for us. That’s nice and practically wholesome. Read on, and we’ll explain how artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize being online without hurting a single human online shopper.


Chatbots are a chatty way to enhance your website – it’s like having a 24-hour sales associate. They can answer questions, make recommendations, and help customers with their shopping. Chatbots can also be used for customer service and marketing. They’re an easy way to engage customers on your site by guiding them – and nonchalantly capturing data about them.

If you have an e-commerce site, chatbots are a great option for improving the user experience. By implementing a chatbot into your existing web application or website, you can provide a much more personalized experience for those who visit your shop or product pages – improving both sales conversion and customer satisfaction rates!

AI + Voice Search

AI-enhanced voice search – which makes it easy to search the internet or your e-commerce store using your voice – is a powerful tool that increases conversions. Why? It allows online shoppers to find what they are looking for in less time and with virtually zero clicks. According to a study by Google, 41% of mobile searches by adults in the US are now voice searches (55% for teens). Soon, the AI’s will grow bored of us, and become tired of our incessant demands to know this and that. But we digress…

Voice search can be used on your website by accessing a FAQ that provides answers to common questions about your business or product, like “Where can I find the price?” or “How do I cancel my subscription?” The goal is to make it easy for online shoppers to find information quickly when they’re using their phones rather than waiting around for a sales clerk to respond directly back via email or phone call.

What happens when voice search does not have the answer your customer seeks (less than 7% of voice searches according to SemRush)? Voice search can help you understand and know your customer better. Through the use of dynamic content, it becomes your best research tool: if a person asks about something that hasn’t been answered yet, tell them “I’m sorry but this question hasn’t been answered yet” – and in the background these questions are saved for you to view and analyze. This way you’ll know what other topics people want answers to, so you can create content around those things in the future.

Recommender systems

You’ve probably seen recommender systems in action before—they’re the algorithms that suggest products, content, or services to online shoppers. For example, when you add a book to your shopping cart on Amazon and don’t buy it immediately, you will be shown other books based on your previous browsing behavior as well as similar or related items that were purchased by other online shoppers. It’s like you’re spying on Amazon shoppers just like you (sort of) to find the right bundle of products. These recommendations can be used on e-commerce sites to offer relevant, useful, and timely information that is likely to be of interest to them.

AI can help you market like a savant.

An AI-powered e-commerce site can open up a world of marketing possibilities for your business. Automated processes can help to provide great customer experience and keep engagement levels high. Additionally, trend analysis can be used to anticipate future marketing needs, helping to ensure your business remains competitive in the long term.

For instance, gaining visibility through search engine optimization and social media marketing is a critical component of digital marketing, allowing your business to stand out in a crowded market. By leveraging AI-driven customer profiling and demand forecasting, marketers can further enhance the customer experience, thereby strengthening their competitive position.

Maintaining frequent communication with your customers is the cornerstone of success for any online business. AI Automation software for email campaigns can be used to send out promotional material, help retain customers, and remind those who have left items in their shopping cart.

Your website can use artificial intelligence to make things personal

AI collects data that allows you to get a sense of who is using your website, how often they visit it, and what they do when they are there. This information can help you make decisions about the future of your business. It also allows you to provide a level of personalization that has never been seen before.

AI can help your ecommerce site’s customer service solutions in a number of ways. It’s already being used to provide better personalization and targeted content, which can improve customer satisfaction and retention. AI is also capable of analyzing data from multiple sources to better identify customer needs, and then providing relevant information through the use of chatbots, email notifications or other communication channels. Finally, by using machine learning algorithms that can train themselves on real-world situations (such as applying for in-store credit or getting your products delivered), AI is able to offer specific advice based on customers’ previous experiences—without even needing human input!


Artificial intelligence is the must-have enhancement for your website. It can help you increase revenue by providing customers with a better experience and by providing more relevant recommendations for their needs. It can also help make sure that your site is responsive to your customers 24/7 with less human involvement needed.

AI is no longer an emerging technology – it is already among us – and we’re seeing more of it every day. Its potential applications are endless! The only question is when you will begin making it your most profitable channel and tactic.
But will it be soon enough to put you in AI’s good graces before they take over? Only time will tell…

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