Agency Partnership: Dos Maderas Rum Uncorks on the Web

Dos Maderas Launches a New Website with the Help of Simple Solutions

Dos Maderas is an aged rum inspired by two cultures – the Caribbean and Spain. Owned and operated by the Medina family, the exquisite rum blends the mystery and history of the islands with the master blending traditions of Jerez, Spain. Truly a unique spirit in the world of rum – and it is sold all over the world. So when we were approached by a partner advertising agency that specializes in large global brands to interpret Dos Maderas’ new branding for the web, we were excited about joining the project.

We love working with design and advertising agencies.

Our partner advertising agency provided us with both desktop and mobile designs. Created to support their content strategy, this WordPress theme had to be nimble, easy to manage, and fast. Their vision was a site that can adapt quickly to the changing content demands of visitors and support their search engine optimization (SEO) work. We were happy that we were able to do exactly that, while staying true to their submitted designs.

Teamwork makes the Vision Work

We worked hand-in-hand with our partner advertising agency to see the Dos Maderas vision through. Beautifully shot video, engaging storytelling, and editorial-style layouts  made this execution challenging. Our front end programming team joined forces with our Quality Assurance team to move the project quickly through our process. Specific plugins had to be installed and configured – and in some cases modified – to comply with their specifications. It was work that required strict attention to detail, WordPress expertise, and a deep understanding of how search engine optimization works. When the day came to unveil the work for approval, we were proud that it was not only delivered on time, but it was near perfect. We were happy that the client was ecstatic about the site, and we helped migrate it for their global launch event.

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