Award-winning Rogue Creamery Revamps Online Shop

Legendary Artisan Cheese Company adds eCommerce with the help of Simple Solutions.

Today, the USA has many well-regarded artisan cheese producers – but it all began with Rogue Creamery. What started out as a artisan creamery cooperative formed to ride out the Great Depression in 1933, has become one of the cheese industry’s most innovative artisan cheese producers in the world. In 2019, their organic Rogue River Blue was crowned World Champion at the World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy – the first time an American-made cheese had ever received this top international honor. But this is just one of their many “firsts.”

With that kind of success comes great demand. Rogue Creamery came to Simple Solutions looking for a complete online presence revamp – a newly designed website with e-commerce and fulfillment enablement to handle their global sales. This included necessary integrations and employee training on the platform. Simple Solutions was excited about giving 100% to this 360-degree solution.

Simple Solutions began with our time-tested process. We started with interviewing the stakeholders of Rogue Creamery to decide on the scope of the project. We then flowcharted the customer journey, from windowshopping to delivery. Lastly we identified the needed content and collected it. With those items complete, we began to design a solution that (a) created a satisfying experience for their customers and (b) provided a seamless process to fulfill orders quickly and accurately.

Picking Platforms that talk to each other. 

We decided to use WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce. Why? We wanted a highly customizable platform to shape the customer journey exactly as we designed it. Our design required a modification of the checkout process, along with the development of a new subscription process for their quarterly box club, Cheese Social Club. Having a tried-and-true open source solution allowed us to create these custom features easily.

Using their API, we integrated the shopping cart with the order fulfillment platform Shipstation, which made it possible to sync, manage, and ship orders. The solution ecosystem allowed customers order their favorite cheese and enabled Rogue Creamery to efficiently fulfill those orders. Once the system was configured, we onboarded and trained their employees on how to use, maintain, and create reports on the system. Additionally, we integrated marketing platform Klaviyo and oversaw employee training as well. Rogue Creamery was ready to do business.

Beautiful and Functional

Functionality aside, we’re proud to have also delivered a beautiful responsive website – visually appealing on every device you visit on. Nothing is more satisfying than building a solution that does a job well and looks great while doing it. We’re happy that Rogue Creamery feels the same way – Simple Solutions continues to maintain, develop, and support their online presence. 

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