Keep Calm, Have Some Tea

Small Tea Company opened in Miami in 2014 with one mission, to change the world one cup of tea at a time. Since the planning stages Small Tea has worked with top branding agencies in the country to create a clean concept that that translates their mission to the eyes of the consumer. Being close to us, we had the privilege to be a part of Small Tea during every stage. Through this process we also had the benefit of partnering as the development arm to Sally Morrow Creative.

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For a Change…

For Small Tea we decided to go a different route. We created a custom framework with which we create a completely customized shopping cart. As part of design implementation we made a responsive design with animations and multiple graphic elements. This site is integrated with easy post for shipping and US mail support and has a frontend content editor that allows the administrator of the site to see what is changing in real time. In addition to the custom development we integrated a WordPress blog to leverage the SEO capabilities n the blog section.

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