5 ways to learn how to code for free!

By January 26, 2016Blog

Learning how to code can be one of the most powerful tools in your life. It’s not for nerds anymore, getting a little code under your belt is an incredible valuable skill for anyone. If you are a designer, learning to code can help you understand what you are creating for, and if you are building a startup, knowing how to code can make things easier.

You might be asking yourself if you really need to learn something about this area and the answer is yes! By knowing something about coding you can use HTML when dealing with content management. It also helps you ease the communication with your company’s developer and better understand what is the problem. Also, you can optimize and test landing pages and it creates huge opportunities to be creative and unique.

It doesn’t matter why you want to learn, the only thing you need is motivation. If you’re really lost on the topic and don’t even know where to start keep reading because we are sharing with you 5 ways to start coding for free!

  1. Coursera: the king of online education offers free classes from so many universities across the country including coding classes for those that want to learn. (FYI, this is our personal favorite)
  2. Code Academy: it’s a well-known first step for those who are looking to start their coding education. You can choose from several courses for different programming languages.
  3. Khan Academy: one of the original free coding resources with easy to follow and step by step video tutorials to help you started with your coding career.
  4. HTML5 Rocks: it’s a Google project that focuses on HTML5. The language tends to be a higher level, so it’s probably suited for those with some experience but it’s always good to try new things!
  5. Google University Consortium: free courses from the king of the internet, why not? Take advantage of the beginner course on mobile and web development and programming languages.

Software is all around us nowadays and it’s hard to find something that doesn’t run on code from a phone or a computer. So even if you don’t want to pursue a career on computer science, learning a little coding has important value and there is nothing that can stop you with all of these online resources.

The world of programming is more accessible than ever before with tons of tutorials and free platforms. Give it a try, it will make your life easier!

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