Web developer vs. Web designer

By January 4, 2016Blog

Do you know the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Here at Simple Solutions we have the best technology developers to make your idea a reality but first we need to create the visual concept of your website.

Even though aspects of a developer’s job may be very close to that of a designer, they are very different.  A web designer uses graphics and graphic design software to create the physical look of the web. This design is then paired with the coding that we are experts in doing to bring to life your idea. The designers job is creative, they use both intuition and imagination to create the image of the idea presented to them.

On the other hand, a web developer builds the backbone of websites, from the ground up and knows the languages specific to the web. Among the tools to create a website, developers use HTML, Javascripts, jQuery and CSS. They never focus on making something look visually appealing but creating a clean code that will make the website efficient. The best developers are often detail-oriented and are keen on specifics..

At the end of the day both web designers and web developers work towards a singular goal, to create a website that attracts users. In order to do this, the designer and the developer must work together to make a site that looks good and works properly.

So these are the main differences:

A web designer:

  • Focuses on look and feel of a website
  • Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Creates a great user experience
  • Strong intuition, creativity, & imagination

A web developer:

  • Creates the inner workings of a website
  • Is competent in programming languages (PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby)
  • Develops the user interface
  • Logic, linear thinking, technical

It’s important for you to understand what we do here at Simple Solutions and how we do it. We are tech developers and we have a combination of the best web designers and web developers and without them we could not do our magic.

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