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January 2016

5 ways to learn how to code for free!

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Learning how to code can be one of the most powerful tools in your life. It’s not for nerds anymore, getting a little code under your belt is an incredible valuable skill for anyone. If you are a designer, learning to code can help you understand what you are creating for, and if you are building a startup, knowing how to code can make things easier.

You might be asking yourself if you really need to learn something about this area and the answer is yes! By knowing something about coding you can use HTML when dealing with content management. It also helps you ease the communication with your company’s developer and better understand what is the problem. Also, you can optimize and test landing pages and it creates huge opportunities to be creative and unique.

It doesn’t matter why you want to learn, the only thing you need is motivation. If you’re really lost on the topic and don’t even know where to start keep reading because we are sharing with you 5 ways to start coding for free!

  1. Coursera: the king of online education offers free classes from so many universities across the country including coding classes for those that want to learn. (FYI, this is our personal favorite)
  2. Code Academy: it’s a well-known first step for those who are looking to start their coding education. You can choose from several courses for different programming languages.
  3. Khan Academy: one of the original free coding resources with easy to follow and step by step video tutorials to help you started with your coding career.
  4. HTML5 Rocks: it’s a Google project that focuses on HTML5. The language tends to be a higher level, so it’s probably suited for those with some experience but it’s always good to try new things!
  5. Google University Consortium: free courses from the king of the internet, why not? Take advantage of the beginner course on mobile and web development and programming languages.

Software is all around us nowadays and it’s hard to find something that doesn’t run on code from a phone or a computer. So even if you don’t want to pursue a career on computer science, learning a little coding has important value and there is nothing that can stop you with all of these online resources.

The world of programming is more accessible than ever before with tons of tutorials and free platforms. Give it a try, it will make your life easier!

CES 2016

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We know CES has been over for a couple of week now but it’s never too late for a recap of one of the best technology events in the world! There are a couple of awesome things we will talk about that came across during CES 2016.

This year was full of highly conceptual innovative products as well as others that we knew just a little about because they were launched months before. Somewhere in between those were products that just don’t fit our budget or have indeterminable launching dates!

Here, at Simple Solutions, we love smart home technology and we like staying up to date with it, why would you stand up to swtich on the lights, when you can do it from your smartphone?

At CES this year, we saw a lot of smart home technology, let’s take a look at our favorite CES 2016 products:

  • The family hub refrigerator: it features a 21 inch display on the door to tell you everything that’s going on inside, literally everything. With your Samsung mobile you can check what’s inside your fridge, that way if you are grocery shopping you don’t have to carry a list! Not only that, but the fridge will tell you when the food is about to go bad and the TV on the outside can be used for all kinds of stuff.
  • Fibaro Swipe: it’s not a simple picture frame, it has sensors that can turn gestures into home-control actions, so by waving your hand over the panel you can control your lights, your shades, turn a faucet on/off or perform any function that can be managed by a Z-Wave controller. That means that if your are cooking, there is no need to wash your hands if you need to turn on the lights!
  • Sensorwake alarm clock: the best way to wake up without a buzzer. This great alarm clock emits concentrated smells that are designed to gently wake you up. There are various odors you can choose from. Can you imagine waking up to the smell of chocolate?
  • Cassia Hub: this is a bluetooth router that extends the standard range by up to 1,000 feet and connect as many as 22 Bluetooth- enabled devices. With the companion app you can control all of those devices from anywhere in the world!
  • Owlet: a startup, in fact one of the best startups at CES 2016. It  cares more about saving lives than saving time. The Owlet Smart Sock is a cute washable baby sock with a pulse oximeter that monitors your baby’s heart rate and blood-oxygen. In the event that something happens, the sock transmits a warning to the smartphone so parents can intervene as quickly as possible.

What we saw at CES is what the future is all about. Technology makes everything better and easier in many areas that we could have never imagined and our homes are falling into tech advances that we might as well take advantage of.


Best Tech Products of 2015

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At the end of 2014 we were satisfied with the new products but we hoped to see plenty more revolutionary technology in the upcoming 2015.

Tech companies stepped up in 2015, where we started to see more innovation and new products with smartwatches being released into the market, OLED TV, fitness trackers and the first attempt at virtual reality – that being said, let’s take a look at the best and most promising tech products of 2015:

  1. Amazon Echo: another common bluetooth speaker but many Amazon Prime members went crazy about it. The best thing about this product is that it will do what you say, literally. Through voice commands, you can change the volume, skip a track and even check the weather just by asking. It also helps automate your home by controlling your lightbulbs via voice. It definitely makes your life easier!
  2. iPhone 6 and 6S Plus: a much faster and a huge improvement from iPhone 5. The screen, the camera, the quality everything seemed much more improved than the previous phones and everyone wanted one.
  3. Apple Music: with an incredible range of music and excellent radio stations, apple music has a great service and offers an simple experience where you can add a new album to your phone with not much effort
  4. Apple Watch: a nicely designed accessory to the iPhone that makes it easier to see your phone notifications without pulling out your phone. Its built-in fitness tools have definitely helped at least one – typically lazy – person stand up and move around. Many iOS software developers are adapting their apps for the Apple Watch which makes us believe that there will be more versions of it.
  5. Samsung S6: definitely the most attractive phone that Samsung has ever produced and hands down the best smartphone in the market right now. It has the most accurate camera of any product around, it’s speedy and has an awesome display and packs both a built in fingerprint reader and mobile payment system.

With that being said, what do you think about our top 5 tech products of 2015? We are hoping to see life changing devices for 2016 with innovation in smart home devices that will make our lives easier and great new virtual reality products.

Who knows, maybe flying cars are next?

Web developer vs. Web designer

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Do you know the difference between a web designer and a web developer? Here at Simple Solutions we have the best technology developers to make your idea a reality but first we need to create the visual concept of your website.

Even though aspects of a developer’s job may be very close to that of a designer, they are very different.  A web designer uses graphics and graphic design software to create the physical look of the web. This design is then paired with the coding that we are experts in doing to bring to life your idea. The designers job is creative, they use both intuition and imagination to create the image of the idea presented to them.

On the other hand, a web developer builds the backbone of websites, from the ground up and knows the languages specific to the web. Among the tools to create a website, developers use HTML, Javascripts, jQuery and CSS. They never focus on making something look visually appealing but creating a clean code that will make the website efficient. The best developers are often detail-oriented and are keen on specifics..

At the end of the day both web designers and web developers work towards a singular goal, to create a website that attracts users. In order to do this, the designer and the developer must work together to make a site that looks good and works properly.

So these are the main differences:

A web designer:

  • Focuses on look and feel of a website
  • Uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Creates a great user experience
  • Strong intuition, creativity, & imagination

A web developer:

  • Creates the inner workings of a website
  • Is competent in programming languages (PHP, .NET, Python, C, Ruby)
  • Develops the user interface
  • Logic, linear thinking, technical

It’s important for you to understand what we do here at Simple Solutions and how we do it. We are tech developers and we have a combination of the best web designers and web developers and without them we could not do our magic.