Is your WordPress plugin causing your website to crash?

By December 11, 2015Blog

With WordPress you need to be very careful! The problem is that at some point or another, a plugin is going to cause your WordPress site to crash. So, how do you deal with a problematic plugin that may cause a crash in the future? The answer is BACK UP!wordpress crash

Remember to always backup before making any changes. This is in your best interest because if something goes wrong, you know that the backup is always there. Cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox are perfect for storing files. Use a backup service to make sure you store your plugin files, do the backups regularly and make sure it’s done before you update WordPress.


Do you really know why this plugin crash is happening? There are a number of reasons:

  • Clashes with WordPress
  • It’s badly coded
  • Conflicts with another plugin
  • Conflicts with your theme

Because of one of these reasons, when you update WordPress there is a high risk that a plugin will conflict with WordPress itself.

However, you should be able to fix this through the admin area. If there is a crash after you update WordPress, you need to figure out which plugin is causing the problem. The solutions is first deactivating all of your plugins. If the error is still there, then the problem is caused because of a conflict with a theme. If not, then the problem lies with a plugin and probably an old one. So start activating one by one until you figure out which plugin is causing the problem and then deactivate it.

It’s never exciting to see errors on your website and worst if it’s causing it to crash. Don’t stress, it’s something normal! Just make sure you have everything backed up and find the plugin or theme that is causing the issue.

Remember always to backup before updating WordPress!


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