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August 2015

Responsiveness is standard

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Responsiveness is the practice of building a website suitable to work for every device and any screen size. Nowadays, smartphones and tablets have changed the approach towards website design and user experience. Before, the only challenge for website designers was to make the site have the same look and feel in various computer browsers without worrying about responsiveness. However, smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops are not the same and each make websites have a different look.

So, why should responsiveness be standard nowadays?  It should because we are in a time where if you are not up to date with technology, then you are going to end up falling behind every other business. You need to have a website where the laying-out provides optimal viewing experience in any device. Therefore, there won’t be a need for resizing and scrolling.

We say that it should be standard because website designers should not be offering any other service than making the website responsive. There is no “desktop-version” and “mobile-version”. There’s just one version that will look the same in all the devices.

Let’s look at the advantages of having a responsive website:

  • Responsive websites are fluid, meaning that all content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices.
  • A good website is that, that enables visitors to consume content through a device of their choice. Thus, responsive design is about providing the best user experience in any device.
  • It is much more cost effective than having two separate websites that suit each device
  • Easier to manage one website than having to manage two

Responsive design isn’t a trend it’s a must. Being able to offer consumers a beautiful optimized experience regardless of their choice of device means you will expand your reach and have more chances of engaging your customers.

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Custom web design vs. website template

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As a business owner you are always looking for the best way to promote your company. The online presence of your business is very important and it needs to project a professional image. The more professional looking your business appears, the more reliable it looks and therefore more clients will like it.

It is hard for many business owners to understand the difference between a custom web design and a website using a template.  Let’s look at both so you can have a little understanding of the challenges and the benefits of both.


Many people think that having a custom website is very expensive and it’s not necessary but that isn’t always true. Look at the benefits of having a custom web design:

  •      Unique design only available for your business.
  •      Influence over search engines
  •      More adaptable to your company’s needs.
  •      Scalability

However, if you are planning to maintain the website yourself you should ask for a content management system to be incorporated so you can make adjustments. In our last post we talked about our Small Tea project, which was custom designed and you can see how we created an editing tool for the user admin.


There is a misconception on how beneficial a template can be and how much easier is to work with them. Sometimes using a template can even be more costly than having it custom designed. However, let’s look at the benefits of it:

  •      Give ideas of colors, layouts and features
  •      If your budget is low using a template might be the best idea
  •      Shorter development time

However, the main disadvantage of using a template is that many other websites are using it too, so you are not unique.  Also, if your coding skills are not very extensive, your customization will be limited to the website template.


When deciding what to choose, you need to keep in mind that you want your website to stand out and be memorable. So our advice to you is let us do the work this way we can transform your idea into reality.