jQuery and Ajax

By July 29, 2015Blog

As technology evolves and we as developers learn new things, we have come to realize that the combination of jQuery and Ajax is one of the most powerful unions available.

The question is, how has jQuery made Ajax development easier than before?

  • Ajax is a Javascript that has helped websites evolve by allowing sites to make requests to web servers without the need to reload the page. It’s a web development technique that by combining a number of separate technologies, it allows us to exchange information between the server and client.
  • JQuery on the other hand is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side script. It is a perfect tool to making web applications more dynamic. With jQuery you don’t have to think about creating XML objects, everything is done for you.

When both of these come together, jQuery is able to leverage Ajax with very little effort. It puts together all the properties of Ajax into one application programmer interface (API) so you can control everything and even synchronize all from one declaration.

Without jQuery, Ajax coding can get a little confusing because different browsers have different syntax for Ajax implementation. So the combination of both is just a matter of making everything simpler for the developer.

On top of that, our team of developers used this combination to create an editing tool. We were able to create a direct access to the client from the front-end so they can edit their websites directly. The result of this is closely related to the results you achieve when using WYSIWYG editor. Our developers designed this for the clients’ benefits so at the same time you update the site you can see the results.

We recommend you to use this combination because it’s very powerful. It makes calls shorter and therefore easier for the developer. It’s functionality is probably some of the most proven code on the web and finally it guarantees to work across browsers.



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