Small Tea Project

By July 20, 2015Blog

It has been a year since Small Tea opened its first tea shop in Coral Gables, Miami. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity and of course the only essential thing that they were missing was an awesome website. We offered to do the website because we wanted to create something from scratch and Small Tea’s project was the perfect opportunity.
The decision was to make a customized site that fits this clients needs. The project involves the following:

  • The frontend contains pure Javascript, CSS and HTML. JavaScript is used to control the behavior of different elements, it allowed us to create an interactive site. CSS is used to control presentation, it gives style to the website. HTML provided the basic structure of sites. The point of using all of these three elements in the frontend was to make sure that the site was fast and precise.
    Additionally, we also used Ajax and jQuery in the frontend. One of the reasons was to facilitate the user admin by creating a look-a-like WYSIWYG editor but designed by our team of developers. This benefits the admin because it allows them to update and edit the website directly from the frontend.
    We took care of all the details for the front end of the website including making it responsive and adjustable for the mobile version.

small tea motnaje

  • As part of the backend, we used software design patterns such as DAO and controller in order to facilitate integration of different data bases. Our developers also included jQuery in the backend to create a fast and effective system to upload products. This way the user admin can add or remove products on their own.

The project involved the creation of a whole new platform that is available to any website and our team of developers worked towards creating different tools to benefit the admin user without the help of an open source framework. It’s not something easy to do, but our team did it and the results were amazing.

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