3 reasons to use AngularJS for your projects

By June 30, 2015Blog

AngularJS is Javascript front-end framework typically used to make single page applications inside the browser. It is very good because it allows us as developers, to have our codes organized and to reuse codes. Here we give you 3 reasons why you should consider AngularJS as your framework:

  1. Google developed it – this framework is built and maintained by dedicated and highly talented Google engineers. This means that the skilled and available engineers are there to help you get your Angular questions answered. It also offers a large open community for you to learn from and you can be sure that you are dealing with efficient and reliable codes that will make your project scale. It is quickly becoming known by the web development community as a viable framework for client-side development.
  2. It’s comprehensive – it is a solution for a rapid front-end development. You don’t need other plugins to build a data-driven web application. As long as you can store data, AngularJS does everything else, while providing a rich and fast experiences for the user.
  3. Easy start – getting started is as easy as adding a few attributes to your HTML and you can have a simple Angular app very quickly!

If you are looking for a powerful, efficient and well-maintained framework for any project, we strongly recommend that you take a look at AngularJS.

Happy developing!


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