SOBE Yachting Project

By June 25, 2015Blog

Sobe Yachting is a Miami startup company, focused simply on making people’s life easier by providing them with an easy booking service for yachts. They are growing to be one of the best online platforms to book your charter yacht, it can be done in under 5 minutes, of course, that is if you’re clear on what yacht you want among their incredible list of yachts.

The original request was to create a simple, easy going online platform to book a yacht, just like you do with a hotel. To make it happen, we proposed to use Python Django for backend with AngularJS for front-end.

As our main goal was to simplify our client’s life at the moment of managing the website from the backend, these frameworks were the right choice. The technology provides the admin the ability to add yachts to its website, with its name and description, and add pictures as well. It is also easy for users, being very friendly and straightforward, once you decide on the yacht, you pick a date, decide if you want any upgrade, review and book!

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