How often should you be posting on social media?

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You might have wondered why your posts are not having enough engagement? Or why your following is not actively increasing? Even why you don’t have many likes… It is important to understand that for every social media platform, there should be a balance when it comes to sharing content, considering that each platform is different from each other, they should be treated as such.

However, this question applies to pretty much all platforms…if you share too much content you might annoy your followers, if you share too little, they lose interest in the brand…so, is there a correct way to target your followers?

We analyzed the different platforms and we give you our recommendations as to how often you should be posting on your different social media platforms:


Facebook is a very active social media platform for individuals. For businesses, it is a little tricky because the platform itself has been regulating the amount of people it reaches. The key with Facebook is to post content that is valuable for people and interesting enough for them to want to share it. Adding an additional promotion to each post will also help increase this engagement.

We recommend a maximum of 10 posts per week.


It’s a fast paced social media platform where you need to be very active in order to stand out. You should be sharing content created by you or sharing other interesting facts from other sources relevant to your area. It is important to always use hashtags or tag others; this will give the brand more exposure.

We recommend a minimum of 5 posts per day, no maximum. Remember, you need to be very active.


In this platform, there is a high volume of content constantly being shared, so in order to keep up and stand out, you need to be posting frequently. It is important to share beautiful images with high quality; Pinterest is all about visual stimulation.

We recommend at least 5 posts per day.


It’s an active social media platform for individuals to share their life with other people, through pictures and video. Businesses have had it somewhat complicated, however, it is important to be present and post images relevant to the users’ life. Content should be relevant enough for new users to follow the brand and for current followers to like or tag a friend, to generate more exposure.

We recommend 1 picture a day but make it an interesting one, so people can comment and tag other friends.


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